still confused!

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still confused!

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Looking at the two images they apparently show the compass from two opposite sides.
When applying the device with the holes, shouldn't I take into account that the needle indicates north and not the compass rose on the left?
This is supported by the fact that the needle of the small compass rose on the back side points into the same direction as the one on the compass side.

But this "needle north" does not lead to any useable letters if I apply the positions given below the back side to it. :(

So it seems that contrary to usual compass practice we have to use the compass rose north as reference.
But at least we should then mirror the positions due to turning the compass around to its back side.
Once more this seems not to lead to anything useful. :cry:

Defying all logic you then arrive to the five positions that seem to make sense of my earlier post. :?
But still I cannot combine them to figure out the solution :x