More hints

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More hints

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I used both hints but still cant figure it out.
Any more hints?

Also I don't know if it is part of the general riddle but can not understand the whole [p/c x].
I mean on day 3 it says to put all the stones correctly at p/c 1.

There is no specific passcode page. But there is the day progress page that mark all the codes of the day passed.

So when it says put them on p/c 1, I ve already noted a code for day 1. So I guess it means something different. not sure where to mark them.

Generally I get the filling l am lost in this with the riddles not even specify what they want and the general instructions not sufficient. It might only be me though :lol:

Anyway... Any help?

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Re: More hints

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[p/c x] is the password you receive after resolving riddle [x-1]. The sentence after the day 0 is pretty explicite « Passcode for Day.1: xxx » the word you have to replace in the sentence « put all the stones correctly at xxx ». Those sentences tell you what to do to solve the riddle.

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More hints

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Good job birthday boy and becca That is known as The Psychopath Riddle. The saying goes that the easier it was for you to figure out, the more of a psychopath you are.

Simon ... a tent?